Is it all about the brain? The role of the placenta in mental health

Stimulate knowledge and research on the impact of the intrauterine environment on mental health.

2 dager
  1. 22. mai 2024
  2. 23. mai 2024

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  1. 22. mai 2024
  2. 23. mai 2024

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The seminar will also be live streamed.


Dr. Gianluca Ursini, Lieber Institute for Brain Development, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA, and Dr. Laura Wortinger, Diakonhjemmet Hospital, are organizing the seminar.


We hope that this meeting will stimulate placenta collection and studies, as a way to look for possible biomarkers of risk for developmental conditions, thus facilitating prevention. We would also like to use this seminar to create a collaboration network to apply for international grants, new research projects and more.
Laura A. Wortinger Bakke


Neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) likely result from complex interactions between genetic factors and environment. The very first environment that matters to the brain is the intrauterine environment. Complications during pregnancy, labor/delivery, and early neonatal life have been associated with a higher risk for NDDs in offspring. Most complications associated with an increased risk for NDDs are linked with alterations in placental biology, suggesting a role of this organ in etiopathogenetic mechanisms of NDDs. Despite its critical function in pregnancy, the placenta is arguably the least understood organ in the human body. Studying the mechanisms linking the placenta with neurodevelopmental alterations in offspring and the actual disorders is a crucial step for prevention.


The seminar will also be live streamed. Registration is free.

See the seminar program (PDF)

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The event has been supported by UiO:Life Science.